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Crèche BioBébé

"The Montessori Nest"

PEDAGOGIC - "The Montessori Nest"


Each child develops, explores & learns at his/her own pace within a loving environment (community), where his/her young life is protected and supported.  Our activities and equipment are selected to encourage self development at different growth stages (ages).

Motoric, re-cognitive, hand craft, feeling and social skills are among the daily activities available in our Crèche.

Outdoor activities belong to our daily routine. Fresh air everyday is a must for children. We have a terrace attached to our building and there is a lovely huge park close by, 5 minutes walk

We also encourage embracing and caring for the environment around us. We have a little garden to grow our vegetables.

Our team is made up of qualified staff, including a sport teacher who develops our motoric activities including swimming lessons.

Bilingual - each group has a French mother tongue educatrice who speaks French with the kids and an English mother tongue educatrice who speaks English with the kids. An interactive language learning environment. A multinational team, like our kids who come from different cultures.


Bio-Crèche & Eco-Crèche

BioBèbè is based on a chemical free and pesticide free environment concept. Babies spend most of their first years exploring the world with their fingers and mouth. Therefore the toys and objects they explore the world with MUST be natural products without harmful substances. Chemicals and Pesticides in food and Toys can severely damage the baby’s health for life. That is why our toys are selected from natural products like wood, which comes from regenerative forests.  Painted toys are only water based, NO Chemical paints on toys.  With us your child is in loving earthly hands!

Nutrition - Meals

Our food is mainly local and seasonal produce!!! We plan to visit the farms, where our food is produced, as part of our activities and you can also visit them with your family.




We adhere to strict hygienic conditions to ensure the safety & well being of our children and staff. We also use “Safe natural disinfection products”. No chemical based disinfectants and cleaning products are used as part of our chemical free childhood principle.